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Laser Marking

Laser marking has an unparalleled ability to produce detailed marks on many materials. The mark itself is produced on a PC and then send to the marking laser. That makes it the primary choice for serialized or barcoded applications.

The type of needed Laser (source) is dependent on the marked material, Nd:YAG Lasers are used for marking metals, CO2 Lasers are used for marking non-metal materials like plastics, glass, leather and wood. The appearance of the marks can be altered from engraved styles ("Laser engraving") to high contrast surface marks ("Laser annealing") with changes in the Laser settings.

Laser Marking technology uses a focused and deflected laser beam, the pieces are marked without the application of physical force. Our systems include semi-automated setups with manual handling and fully automated devices with piece feed and handling facilities.

T.U.S. offers Laser marking machines as well as the fixtures necessary for excellent mark quality and repeatability. Our lasers can purchased in enclosed versions, which are easy to integrate on existing production shop floors and open versions that offer a higher productivity, but require closed rooms and protective glasses.

We also offer our Laser marking experience as our custom Laser marking service.