Welcome to the Marking Specialist!

T.U.S. Technologies is a specialist for permanent marking of metals and other technical materials.

We cover a broad range of technologies such as electrochemical etching, laser marking, sandblast marking, imprinting, (glass) etchingdot peening, stamping, and engraving.

Our machine spectrum ranges from fully automated marking lines to handheld units.

We have many marking supplies and materials in stock and can ship them with short notice in most cases. We produce stencils and masks for above mentioned marking technologies and ship them within 24 hours. In many cases marking is one of the final operations in the production sequence and we will be your partner if you are under time pressure.

As a specialist for permanent marking with more than 2 decades of experience we also offer our specific knowledge in our custom marking services. Our extensive marking job shop covers most of the above mentioned technologies. We work with a variety of industries and cover all known military and civil marking standards.

Challenge us with your marking requirements!