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Supplies for Electro-Chemical Etching


Electrolytes determine the appearance of the mark. They are specific to the metal marked and the appearance of the mark (surface etch vs. deep etch). T.U.S. offers a full range of electrolytes that cover all known metals. We share all this detailed knowledge with you in a file that is available on our Info & Download page.

Detailed descriptions and price info are available in our webshop.

Etching Supplies

Often overlooked in their importance for the mark quality are supplies for electro-chemical etching: Marking felt, cleaner/neutralizer, stencil cleaner, etc.. Make the marking process more efficient by using our triple wiper station. We produce a full range of all necessary supplies backed by our extensive experience from our inhouse marking operation.

More info can be found in our webshop.

Spareparts and alternate fixtures/ marking heads

Different parts require different setups. If your part shape changes you will need a different fixture and /or a different marking head. T.U.S. produces these parts for you in our tool shop on the basis of your descriptions or drawings. Alternatively we sell standard, semi-finished fixtures and marking heads for your inhouse customization. 

Most spare parts for machines are stock items. Call us and we will send out a spare part the same day.

Triple Wiper Station:
Designed to speed up your cleaning