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Machines for Electro-Chemical Etching

 T.U.S. is an OEM for a complete line of electro-chemical etching machines.

If you are interested to integrate our machines into your production line we will be happy to send you our 3D CAD drawings of the relevant parts.

All machines are delivered with a marking base and a standard marking head. Please inquire about special designs. All machines are available in "plug and play" sets complete with all necessary supplies

The Mark I/P AB-R is our marking machine with the highest degree of automation. It offers our exclusive Anti-Blotch mechanism that can be converted to a Roll marking feature.

The machine offers superior productivity and excellent mark quality. The operator has a choice of 12 and 24 Volt as well as a choice of AC or DC current. The combination of these parameters can mark all known metals in a multitude of appearances.

The machines have a timed marking cycle that can be triggered by a footswitch or by an automated touch sensor.

The Roll Marking Feature enables the operator to mark onto the outer diameter of round shaped parts.Often times the machine is used to mark stripes around the circumconference of small diameter parts like catheder tubes and surgical needles.



Our Mark I/P is technically the same machine as its larger brother, but it does not offer the AB/R mechanism. With its high productivity it is a very common machine in high volume production environments like machining shops or assembly lines.

All Mark I/P machines offer productivities of about 1,000 pieces per 8 hour shift.

Both Mark I/P machines can be equipped with an automated electrolyte pump that is controlled by the machine controller. It ensures the correct flow of electrolyte into the marking area avoiding excessive use and the resulting "mess".


Our manual machines are an economic alternative for the semiautomated machine. They both offer a choice of 12 and 24 Volt as well as a choice of AC or DC current. Both machines have shop floor rigidity and have more than 1,000 installations in 5 continents. The Mark I has a timed cycle that can also be triggered by an automated touch sensor. 

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