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Electro-Chemical Etching

Electro-Chemical Etching is a marking method that etches a perfectly high contrast, non removable marks into any material that conducts electricity. It does not heat up the material and does not weaken or alter the microstructure of the material. The method as well as the machinery are not harmful to personnel or the environment.

Electro-Chemical Etching is a process that is extremely fast and considerably cheaper than other marking methods. It is known as bringing out great details accompanied by a fast batch setup, which makes it a common marking method for cutlery, ball bearings, medical instruments, aircraft parts, tools and so on.

T.U.S. is an OEM for a complete line of Electro-Chemical Etching machinery. T.U.S. also produces all necessary supplies like stencils of different types for different applications as well as electrolytes and other marking supplies.

In our marking job shop we offer marking services with electro-chemical etching.