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Custom Marking by CNC Engraving

T.U.S. offers you the option to mark your parts for you. A 20 year marking experience, independent from technologies and methods, leads to the best result for your products to be marked. Custom marking offers you a set of superior advantages:

Consider Custom Marking if your marking volume is not steady enough to justify the investment in machinery and training of personnel.
Consider Custom Marking if you are not sure which marking method is optimal for you and you want to test different technologies.
Consider Custom Marking for a cost advantage.
Consider Custom Marking in case of varying sizes and types of marks.

T.U.S. has all the experience and the equipment you may have to acquire. We have a steady flow of Custom Marking orders that range from catheter tubes of 0.02" diameter to 10" diameter marks on Ball Bearings. We cover marks on all industry and household pieces from valves and screws to pocket and chief knives. We mark on all different surfaces with different forms including circular marks, marks on round shapes, as well as marks on flat surfaces. All metals and alloys are covered.
Custom mark orders of up to 1,000 pieces are usually produced and shipped within 2-4 days after arrival at T.U.S. Upon your request we ship these pieces to your customer directly. Challenge us with your marking requirements! You can receive a quote including delivery date on our request for quote page.